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Blood donation program


ලේ-දන්-දීමේ-වැඩසටහන-2 ලේ-දන්-දීමේ-වැඩසටහන-3 ලේ-දන්-දීමේ-වැඩසටහන-1 ලේ-දන්-දීමේ-වැඩසටහන-12 ලේ-දන්-දීමේ-වැඩසටහන-11 ලේ-දන්-දීමේ-වැඩසටහන-10 ලේ-දන්-දීමේ-වැඩසටහන-9 ලේ-දන්-දීමේ-වැඩසටහන-8 ලේ-දන්-දීමේ-වැඩසටහන-7 ලේ-දන්-දීමේ-වැඩසටහන-6

Blood Donation Program

 Duration – July 1996

In conjunction with the National Blood Bank, a large blood donation camp was organized at Dehiwala Karagampitiya to collect blood donors and donate blood annually on Poson Full Moon Poya Day.


Contribution to the project –

  • Udaya Enterprises