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Chairman's Message

Philanthropist Mr Bandula Weerawardena, the founder of the Sahanoda Foundation, was born into a family of philanthropists in Kalutara. Although his professional commitments were in England, he did not forget his homeland, Sri Lanka. Belonging to a Buddhist family environment, he always looked out for the poor and needy in Sri Lanka and offered to help as much as possible.

By providing support till the end of their education for children who required help, the efforts of Mr Bandula Weerawardana have transformed children into intellectuals in society.

He came forward to inquire and help during the various calamities that occurred in Sri Lanka such as tsunamis, Floods, Drought and Landslides, even though he was residing abroad and provided medical equipment to people in need, which was a noble endeavour.

Philanthropist Mr Bandula Weerawardena met me when he was participating in a social welfare event with his relatives. On many occasions, he was very moved by the sufferings of poor people from low-income environments. Also, he was interested in preserving the cultural values, which seem to be ​​moving away from the youth today. Hence, he pioneered the establishment of the Sahanoda Foundation intending to find answers to economic, social and cultural issues.

The Sahanoda Foundation, which was established with that purpose, has provided many valuable services to people living in Sri Lanka since 1992 and continues to provide these services even today.

 I kindly invite you all to join us in carrying out these noble deeds.

 Venerable Haputale Panjarama
 Honourable Chairman
 Sahanoda Foundation