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Educational Projects


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Duration – 2004 to date
This project started in Kalutara, Galle, Matara and Hambantota districts targeting school children from families affected by the 2004 tsunami disaster. Under this, a scholarship was paid until the end of school education. In addition, under this project, bursary payments were made for the children who are eligible for university education until they complete their university education.
3,000 rupees from Grade 1  to Grade 11
4,000 rupees for Advanced Level
A monthly payment of 5,000 rupees was made for university students.
In addition, an annual gift of an equipment kit including school books and uniform shoe vouchers.
Identifying gifted children and providing them with laptops and tablets.
Organizing friendly meetings for children to share their ideas.
In addition, several early childhood development centers were implemented under this project.
Free pre-school education will be continued by providing school uniforms, school equipment, shoe vouchers and teacher salaries for poor children in
Padaviya, Welioya, Velgamwehera, Lunugamwehera etc.
Contribution to the project –
  • Chandima Organization France to date
  • Maithrie Jayasekara America
  • Sahanoda Foundation Founder Mr. Bandula Weerawardena
  • Richard Harrup America until 2018
  • Hope for Children until 2008
  • Organization for Peace and Mercy Germany until 2008
  • Buddhist Organization of England until 2008