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Health & Nutrition Programs


බටහිර-වෛද්‍ය-සායන-පැවැත්වීම-12 බටහිර-වෛද්‍ය-සායන-පැවැත්වීම-11 බටහිර-වෛද්‍ය-සායන-පැවැත්වීම-8 බටහිර-වෛද්‍ය-සායන-පැවැත්වීම-10 බටහිර-වෛද්‍ය-සායන-පැවැත්වීම-9 බටහිර-වෛද්‍ය-සායන-පැවැත්වීම-4 බටහිර-වෛද්‍ය-සායන-පැවැත්වීම-3 බටහිර-වෛද්‍ය-සායන-පැවැත්වීම-2 බටහිර-වෛද්‍ය-සායන-පැවැත්වීම-1 NEW-00348


Duration – 1997 to date

Conducting local and western medicine clinics for low-income families.

Spectacles, contact lenses, and hearing aids were provided. Also provides hospital beds, crutches, wheelchairs, and commode chairs for

patients from low-income families.

Implementation of various programs to improve the nutritional status of pregnant mothers and babies of low-income families.

Providing dry food items to identified low-income families.

Contribution to the project –

  • Foreign Buddhist temples

  • Sri Lankan organizations abroad

  • Philanthropists and business community in Colombo and suburbs