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About Us

Our Background

Sahanoda Foundation was established in 1992 as a voluntary social service organization under the Voluntary Social Service Organizations (Registration and Supervision) Act No. 31 of 1980 and as a National Level Organization registered with the National Secretariat for Non-Governmental Organizations, Ministry of Social Services.

Human life can be divided into three phases: childhood, youth and old age. A person faces various challenges during his lifetime. They may be caused because of natural or unnatural possibilities. Helping those who need help is humane. It is a noble quality.

Hundreds of thousands of children have become helpless due to various reasons. The number of malnourished among them is increasing day by day. Some are engaged in domestic service, while others are subjected to sexual exploitation. In addition to that, some children are begging on the road. The majority of the youth are also suffering from discontent and unemployment, and the unfortunate situation is that thousands of these people are addicted to drugs.

Meanwhile, many others are suffering without even basic infrastructure.
The Sahanoda Foundation was established for the welfare and development of children, youth and elderly people of our country who are extremely helpless due to such social and economic reasons.

Foundation’s Objectives

@ Improving safe drinking water supply and sanitation facilities.

@ Improving the health, nutritional and educational conditions of the people.

@ Enhancing the welfare of adults and children.

@ Working to develop the cultural values of the society.

@ Working to increase the income level of low-income families.

@ Contribute to the development and conservation of environmental resources.

@ Contribute to agricultural development by rehabilitation of rural tanks.

@ Providing public services to the people with national and international support.

@ Creating sustainable peace and development for all people.

Our Values

@ Commitment to the best interests of the common people.
@ Acting with transparency.
@ Maintaining mutual support between institutions and individuals.
@ Being innovative.
@ Participatory decision-making.
@ Empowering the target community through training.
@ Strengthening rural leadership.

Future Plans

Commitment Identifying guardian donors for 100 new scholarship recipients in a year Our institution’s education bursary program has been running since 2004. During this duration, we have received many requests. Consequently, It is planned to provide 100 new scholarships in a year for talented children from economically disadvantaged rural families.