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Natural disaster relief projects


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Duration –  2004 to 2010

Operation under this project to provide food, clothing, temporary shelter and permanent housing facilities to those displaced during natural calamities.

Providing relief services to people displaced by the tsunami disaster
Provision of volunteer teams for clean-up – Deployment of relief

teams to clean wells, latrines and gardens of destroyed houses.

Prepared provision of necessary food (provision of dry food items,

clothing and hygiene equipment)

Identified and handed over 25 permanent houses to the families

who lost their homes due to the tsunami disaster.

Providing food and necessary equipment to families affected by flood disasters
Distribution of commodity bags including prepared food/ dry food and local

medicines to the affected families during the covid crisis.

Provision of sanitary materials for residents of flats and distribution of vegetables and coconuts from distant places by mobile vehicles.

Contribution to the project:

Local and foreign donors
Sri Lanka Army Corps of Engineers
Sahanoda Foundation