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Referral Program


11-සඳහම්-චාරිකා-වැඩසටහන-3-copy 11-සඳහම්-චාරිකා-වැඩසටහන-9-copy 11-සඳහම්-චාරිකා-වැඩසටහන-2-copy 11-සඳහම්-චාරිකා-වැඩසටහන-1-copy 11-සඳහම්-චාරිකා-වැඩසටහන-10-copy 11-සඳහම්-චාරිකා-වැඩසටහන-8-copy 11-සඳහම්-චාරිකා-වැඩසටහන-7-copy 11-සඳහම්-චාරිකා-වැඩසටහන-6-copy 11-සඳහම්-චාරිකා-වැඩසටහන-13-copy 11-සඳහම්-චාරිකා-වැඩසටහන-5-copy

Referral Program

Duration – March 2012

Under the theme of “Saviyak Sonduru" in the village, focusing on the thirty-six village officials of the Lunugamwehera Divisional Secretariat, Sahanoda Foundation, the Lunugamwehera Divisional Secretariat, Viharadhipati Association, Police Stations and local schools jointly organized the Sadaham Tour program to visit the villages of Colombo area. A series of sermons was organized.

 Contribution to the project –

·        Sahanoda Foundation